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Custom Snapchat Geofilters For Races | Race Branding Tips

Custom Snapchat Geofilters For Races

Are you planning a:

Obstacle Run

Races like the Tough Mudder and the Spartan have taken off in popularity recently. Many new companies and brands are looking to create similar races for people across the nation to take part in. Discover how a custom snapchat geofilter can turn any obstacle race into the race of the year.

Add a race name to one of our basic filters and let anyone at the race snap pictures of themselves, each other, and the racers. Imagine a racer, covered in mud, summiting a wall with eyes fierce and muscles bulging. Just below this picturesque moment is the name of your race. Through our custom snapchat geofilters, pictures like these can be sent to people all over the nation, advertising each amazing feature of the race.

5k, 10k, Half Marathon, or Marathon

Increase the popularity of your next race; not with another t-shirt, spike bag, or coupon. Make the race a social icon by implementing one of our basic snapchat filters. Add the race name, year, or another fun phrase to one of our snapchat filters and allow all racers and spectators to take pictures throughout the day and send them to friends and family.

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Ready to be the most unique triathlon around? Learn how to tap into the social media market by implementing a basic snapchat geofilter to a triathlon competition. With so many people using smartphones on a daily basis to take pictures, send tweets, post instagram pictures, and snapchat friends and family, it is time the racing industry tap into this pool of power.

Use our basic snapchat filter plan to add the race name or catchphrase to a basic “racing” filter. Or, tell us exactly what you want your filter to look like; add a logo, brand name, medals, bikes, and more to a custom snapchat filter.

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Specialty Run

Has your race been branded? Do people seek out the race hoping to get the chance to run through a rainfall of color? or climb over inflatable slides and glide down the other side? or run at night through a sea of glow sticks? Races like these are the perfect opportunity to take pictures and share with others on social media.

Discover how to brand these photos with the name of the race, using our custom snapchat filters. Tell us exactly what you want your geofilter to look like; splattered paint, hills of mud, or glowing stick men, then add the brand name to the bottom, up the side, wherever!

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Other Races

Do you put on a race unlike any others available? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. We have a custom snapchat geofilter option that is perfect for any kind of race. Simply tell us exactly what you want the custom filter to look like, and we’ll create it just for you.

Give  racers the opportunity to take their experience to the next level and snapchat friends and family with awesome branded pictures of their racing experience.

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