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Custom Snapchat Filters for Venues

Large venues are a perfect place to create and use a custom Snapchat filter. Snapchat is a growing social media platform that is great for promoting brands and organizations. Custom filters allow businesses to reach a larger demographic and have a greater social media presence. Creating a custom filter for a specific venue is a great idea because it is cost-efficient, while allowing the filter to be used by a more targeted audience. Here is a list of venues that would be great to create a custom Snapchat filter for:


Sports Stadiums

Getting excited for a big game? Celebrate the game with a custom Snapchat filter. Filters can easily be adapted for any sport: basketball, football, baseball, etc. They let the crowd support their favorite team with lots of fan pictures. Custom Snapchat filters will get everyone excited to be at the game, and can even help promote school pride, whether in high school or college.

Ideas for a custom sports filter:

  • Add a mascot head.
    • Show off school colors.
    • Highlight a rivalry by including both teams: one team on the left side of the filter and the other team on the right.
    • Include sports equipment like a goal post or hoop to put Snapchatters in the action.

    Concert Halls

    Concert halls consistently hold events for various musical performances. These performances bring in a lot of people with a wide range of demographics. This makes it a great venue to use a custom Snapchat filter.

    Ideas for a custom concert hall filter:

    • Promote the performer.
    • Include instruments or musical notes.
    • Add the name of the concert hall in a banner.
    • Create a stage so Snapchat users can become performers themselves.

    Community Centers

    Community centers are public locations that often host activities in the community; from sporting events to public meetings, this is a great venue for custom snapchat filters. Support what’s going on in the community bringing people together and creating awareness on specific topics with custom snapchat filters.

    Ideas for a custom community center filter:

    • Spread awareness of local organizations through their name or logo.
    • Promote community events.
    • Create a banner with a city slogan.

    Convention Centers

    Convention centers are always hosting large events for businesses and organizations. They make the perfect venue for a custom Snapchat filter. With a small geographical area, and large numbers of people, a convention center is cost-efficient location to promote a filter. Conventions usually host groups from a specific demographic, making it easy to promote brands or companies.

    Ideas for a filter for a convention:

    • Promote a brand by adding a logo.
    • Include a company name.
    • Create a theme for each day of the conference to keep participants engaged.


    Many hotels have conference rooms or convention centers that are great for hosting events. In addition to convention guests, many resorts may find snapchat filters a great way to promote the amenities at their resort. By simply allowing guests to take pictures while at the pool, in a hotel restaurant, and more, many other people will see its features and the logo in your custom snapchat filter. A filter can become a great way to promote businesses, organizations, and reach a larger demographic.

    Ideas for a custom hotel filter:

    • Hotels can offer incentives or discounts to reward customers.
    • Add the hotel name and location.
    • Incorporate the name of the convention.

    So when looking for a way to promote an event, create a custom Snapchat filter. It will make the event one to remember. Start making your filter here and contact us with any questions or concerns.  

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