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Custom Family Reunion Snapchat Filters | That’s A Snap

Family Reunions Done Right With Custom SnapChat Filters

It’s summertime, which means lake-time, picnics, suntans and family reunions. Grandma will be asking about all the single grandkids’ current dating status and reminding each one how badly she wants great-grandbabies. Cousin Rob will be bragging about his latest promotion and new sports car, and Aunt Rose will be making some politically charged and highly offensive comment, that by now everyone already knows to ignore.

But, amidst it all, precious memories will be made, side-splitting laughs will be had, and stories will be told of years past, because that’s what family is about. Capture and share all these moments perfectly; from the tear-jerking ones to all the eye-rolling in between, with family reunion SnapChat filters from That’s A Snap.

What are filters and why use them?

SnapChat filters are fun graphics for people in a specified geographical area to place over the top of their snap videos and pictures. Having a unique filter for a family reunion is not only exciting and cool to all the younger cousins who drug their feet coming along, but it is a great way to connect the family. All the snaps taken by aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters will be see with the family’s personalized filters on top, setting them apart, and bringing the family together.  In addition, snaps from the reunion can be saved and downloaded and saved forever.

How to Get A Reunion Filter

That’s A Snap makes getting your family reunion filters literally a snap. There are two options for finding the right fit for your family party time.

The generic filters offer a unique option for your family snapping needs. That’s A Snap has a database of filters ready to use for any event, including family reunions. Once the pre-made template has been chosen, your family’s name will be added to the design, and sent to you within three business days just in time for unveiling at the reunion’s kickoff. Generic filters cost $49 per filter.
The custom filters will make your event even more of a hit. If you have a theme for the reunion you’d like to include, or just a specific design idea already in mind, custom filters are the ideal choice. The That’s A Snap’s design team will create a filter that matches your vision, and perfectly frame pictures and videos of your family forever. The cost of custom filters vary with the extent of each project, contact us for more information.

With all your family’s quirky traits, be sure to capture all the memories at this year’s reunion with personal SnapChat filters. Find the right one for your family now at That’s A Snap.

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