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Custom Snapchat Filters for Conferences

One of the best way to generate Snapchat buzz is with filters; custom filters let you tell people in the surrounding area about any event, while simultaneously allowing guests to share where they are and what they are doing. Add a little something special to your conference this year with a custom Snapchat filter.

Why Should I Use Custom Snapchat Filters?

Over the past few years, Snapchat has been growing in popularity among smartphone users, particularly with Millennials. Custom filters act as a form of advertising. Each time someone sends out a Snap with your filter, they are sharing your business with all of their followers, and those in the surrounding area. Filters are also fun, which engages attendees and gets them interacting at the conference. Custom filters embrace creativity; they stand out and set a business, brand, etc. apart from the rest of the pack.

What types of Conferences can I use Custom Snapchat Filters for?

Any type of conference can be a great opportunity to use Snapchat filters as a means for advertising. Conferences are large gatherings comprised of individuals with similar interests. Conferences pull a specific demographic into a singular area, which is prime real estate for a custom snapchat filter. Using a custom filter within that area exposes a brand or concept almost exclusively to that target audience. Snapchat filters can be used with large conferences as well as with smaller, local conferences.

A Large Conference
A large conference, something national or even global, can benefit greatly from a custom filter. The filter could feature the conference subject, a theme, or even a location; a conference that is annual and changes locations could create a customized conference filter matching the location each year. Custom filters generate unity within a large group; a conference lasting more than one day could have a different feature to match each day.
A Local Conference
Conferences that happen locally can raise awareness by using custom filters. The spread of the conference through a local filter helps to bring individuals and companies to the conference. Local conference filters also create a feeling of community; they connect individuals and businesses to each other.

How do I create a Custom Snapchat Filter?


Choose between customizing one of our templates or having your own filter designed. Templates are designs we have premade that you can add your name, date, etc. to. Let us know what you want, and we do the work for you. For details on custom Snapchat filter designs, check out our How It Works page.


There are three packages in creating your own Custom Snapchat Filter; the basic, premium, and ultimate packages. Our packages start at $49.99 and differ depending on your needs. Visit our Packages page for more information on pricing.


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